Collection: Keesha'Custom Bones

Hello 👋🏾,

My name is Keesha, I love to make and create personalized gifts for people that put smiles on their faces and create life long memories. I am a very sentimental person and I love giving and getting handmade gifts. Store bought to me is just not personal. 

I remember as a kid making cards and macaroni necklaces lol and those meant more to my grandma and put the biggest smile on her face vs her getting something someone bought her. I have also seen the smiles I have brought to people's faces from the baskets, domino's, chess sets ect that I have made for them and would love to bring that joy to you and your family as well with my custom games and memorabilia. 

Let your imagination run wild and allow me to help that come to life. Nice to meet you hope to be creating something awesome with you soon.